Glorya Kaufman Hall Facilities

Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater

The Glorya Kaufman Dancer Theater, the main presentation venue for the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, the Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater provides an intimate setting for performances and presentations. This theater features a sprung hard wood dance floor, telescopic seating, moveable truss and seating for 274 in the standard end-stage configuration.

Amber Dance Studio/Theater

The Amber Dance Studio seats 89 in a black box theater configuration. The telescopic seating system may be retracted to allow for use as a 50’ X 30’ dance studio with full length mirrors, sprung hard wood dance floor, sound system and baby grand piano.


Kaufman Family Garden Theater

The Kaufman Family Garden Theater is a studio pavilion with glass skylights, glass paneled doors and a finished wood sprung dance floor. This unique, trapezoidal shaped studio offers approximately 2300 square feet of space.


Crystal Dance Studio

The Crystal Dance Studio is approximately 44’ x 34’ and features a sprung hard wood dance floor, a high ceiling, a rosette window, grand piano and sound system. The tall, operable windows open to views of UCLA campus, including Royce Hall, Powell Library and the Fowler Museum.

Phoenix Conference Room

The Phoenix Conference Room is located in the administration suite. The room can accommodate up to 16 people seated around the large conference table.

Additional Dance Studios

Kaufman Hall houses three additional dance studios which serve as dressing rooms for the performance spaces. These studios feature Harlequin Cascade vinyl floors installed over the sprung wood floors.

Video Lab

The video lab is a fully supported, self-service video editing/dubbing facility that also provides short-term video camera loans to approved World Arts and Cultures/Dance students for research, experimentation and study within the department's scope. The video lab and its resources are not intended for commercial or interdepartmental use.

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