Christina Novakov-Ritchey

Christina Novakov-Ritchey is an interdisciplinary performance artist and academic. Novakov-Ritchey holds a B.A. with honors in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Davis, where her thesis analyzed the non-linear continuum of violence, tradition, and history in the writing of contemporary female Algerian authors, such as Assia Djebar.


As a Ph.D student in UCLA's Culture and Performance program, she explores the use of indigenous Balkan rituals by contemporary Serbian performance artists. Novakov-Ritchey combines research practices from performance studies, anthropology, religious studies, folklore, and art history to better understand the knowledge exchanges taking place through art and ritual between urban centers and rural villages. 


As a performance artist, Novakov-Ritchey's practice asks: "Where does my body end and yours begin?" The "you" addressed ranges from audience members, the dead, animals, the body of the city, language, and other technologies. She has studied under the tutelage of artists including Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Julie Tolentino, and Franko B. 


More information on her practice can be found on her website: novakovritchey.com

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