Kristiannne Salcines

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Kristianne Salcines: Dancer. Maker. Collaborator. Facilitator. Salcines is a queer filipina born and raised in the Philippines. She explores her cultural heritage and gender representation in her choreographic work. To integrate her culture and non-western ideologies in her artistic work, she incorporates the epistemologies of Filipino Martial Arts and other Southeast Asian movement practices such as Qigong and Taiji in her movement practices. Her physical practice includes, but not limited to, Contact Improvisation, Martial Arts, Improvisation, Authentic Movement, and Contemporary Dance. Currently, her research focuses on queer identifying people of color and their way of developing survival strategy to cope in our current socio political realities. She examines how can these strategies be translated into a personal physical practice, which she will use as a catalyst to a creative healing process.She is interested in reimagining the process of making-dances, how can the process be serving the dancers as they continue to have agency on the trajectory of the work?

Kristianne Salcines was awarded the Stewart Prize Award in Choreography in 2014. A year later, she created, choreographed,and co-directed Snowbirds: A winter dance residency in San Diego 2015, inviting international artists to live and collaboratively create an evening length work for this month-long residency. Summer 2016, she was awarded a scholarship to join the Queeries dance residency in Ponderosa, Germany, which led to Ms. Salcines being invited create a dance workshop for CutieBPOC Festival in Copenhagen this summer 2017, researching community building through shared movement practices, while sparking organized dialogues about intersectional identities to gain understanding of others diverse experiences. Summer 2017, Ms. Salcines spent the three months facilitating a workshop with co-facilitator Sarah Bouars, performing in Annie Sprinkles work as a part of Documenta in Kassel, participating in ColorBlock workshop at Ponderosa and also premiered a Goethe Institute funded collaborative new work with Sarah Bouars and Diana Thielen in Tunis, Tunisia for the Couftouhonna Feminist Festival.


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