DCA’s 10 Scholarship Winners to the 2018 International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference and Festival.

jade DCA

DCA’s 10 Scholarship Winners to the 2018 International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference and Festival include: Jade Charon Robertson (UCLA WACD MFA 2018) (pictured), Bernard Brown (UCLA WACD MFA 2017) and Allison Gray (UCLA WACD BA 2010). Click here for more info.

Remembering Dr. Doran George

doran whitebackground

Remembering Dr. Doran George ~ Following a successful career as a childhood star in musical comedy in the United Kingdom, Doran George came into the Culture and Performance PhD program in the department in 2008 with a degree in Experimental Dance from School for New Dance Development in Arnhem and an M.A. in Feminist Performance from the University of Bristol. Receiving the Ph.D. in December 2014, George wrote a brilliant dissertation entitled “A Conceit of the Natural Body: The Universal-Individual in Somatic Dance Training” that excavates the cultural and political impact of Somatics’ approach to dance training, viewed in global perspective.


PANG! in Los Angeles

Pang - Dan Froot speaking - photo by John Pemble preview

Pang! is a triptych of three radio plays based on the lives of three families living below the poverty line and hungering for a change. As Pang!'s premiere approaches, we would like to highlight the story of Cedar Rapids family. The parents of the Cedar Rapids family escaped war-torn Burundi and found shelter in a Tanzanian refugee camp. After the birth of their first child, the family resettled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Their radio play is based on the unforeseen circumstances the family faced as refugees in America.


Bebe Neuwirth, Ben Vereen Celebrate Choreographer Kyle Abraham


At the gala for choreographer Kyle Abraham and his dance company, one question could boggle the mind: Were there more artists onstage or in the audience? It might have been a draw: Dancer-actress Bebe Neuwirth, iconic Fosse dancer Ben Vereen, visual artist Carrie Mae Weems, choreographer Robert Battle and more gathered on Oct. 16 to celebrate the acclaimed Abraham and to raise funds that were going to a good cause: Health insurance for company members of Abraham’s company Abraham In Motion (A.I.M.). Click here to read the full story from DANCE.COM.  Photo by MK Photo. 

Willy Souly featured in Dance Teacher


WACD’s Willy Souly featured in Dance Teacher. Five artists who bring the music and dance of West Africa to U.S. Campuses. People are flocking to West African classes across the country. Students are enticed by the sounds of the drums, exhilarated by the movement and want to come back for more. Each dance has a meaning and function, so they are also learning about the many different cultures within West Africa. In Burkina Faso alone there are more than 60 ethnic groups, each with its own language, instruments and dances. Listening to the music, one may hear sounds that are reminiscent of reggae, salsa, highlife or Afro-beat. This is part of the allure for American students. Click here to read the story.

Hot Body Cool Tech


WACD graduate student Francesca Albrezzi co-curated an exhibition with I-Wen Chang (a WACD department graduate) that opened recently in Taiwan at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition: Hot Body, Cool Tech: Performative and Choreographed Bodies in New Media focuses on looking at how performative and choreographed bodies exist in an era of new media. The unique collection of new media works in this exhibition prompts deeper thinking around the relationship between people and new technologies, such as: How is performance conceptualized and investigated? How does technology affect our understanding of the human agency in theorizing the body? How do we understand and define our humanness within a growing digital world, where machines are programmed to act like humans and humans are encouraged to perform like machines? For more information on the exhibition click here.

Victoria Marks Associate Dean

 vicmarksVictoria Marks, professor of choreography in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and chair of the Disability Studies minor has accepted the position of associate dean, academic affairs for the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, effective July 1, 2017. Marks will be taking over for Professor Diane Favro, who has served in this role for the past two years and is retiring after 33 years of service to UCLA.


Polly Nooter Roberts exhibit @ LACMA


WACD Professor Polly Nooter Roberts curates exhibt at LACMA. Featured in the Los Angeles Times,"At LACMA, a don't-miss African art exhibition full of mystery and beauty - Object for object, “The Inner Eye: Vision and Transcendence in African Arts” provides perhaps the most flat-out beautiful museum exhibition in Los Angeles so far this year. " See the full story here from the Los Angeles Times. Photo by Christopher Knight LAT

First Hand 2017

sm First-Hand-Web-v2

First Hand: In-progress Choreography from WACD Faculty. Featuring new work by faculty artists Lynn Dally, Jeanine Durning, Jackie Lopez and Sheetal Gandhi, the First Hand Faculty Concert is UCLA’s Department of WAC/D presentation of in-progress choreography. June 8 & 9, 2017 8pm, Glorya Kaufman Hall, Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater (Room 200) $6 general admission. Click here for tickets.


Undergraduate Research Week 2


WACD student John Yang participates in Undergraduate Research Week Poster Day with his design: "The Discrepancy Between Unrecognized Academic Talent and Grade Point Average: Scrutinizing the Academic Transcripts of Hmong High School Students." Undergraduate Research Week showcases and celebrates undergraduate student research and creative projects. Open to all UCLA undergraduates engaged in research and creative projects, the week provides opportunities for students to present their work to the campus and broader community.

Undergraduate Research Week 1


WACD student Kamil Oshundara participates in Undergraduate Research Week Poster Day with her design: "Seeing Asali: The Revolutionary Artwork of Gayle "Asali" Dickson and the Legacy of the Black Feminist Resistance within the Black Panther Party." Undergraduate Research Week showcases and celebrates undergraduate student research and creative projects. Open to all UCLA undergraduates engaged in research and creative projects, the week provides opportunities for students to present their work to the campus and broader community.

Intersections 2017


INTERSECTIONS-WACD Senior Projects Showcase 2017 highlights the creativity of 23 graduating seniors in the World Arts and Cultures/Dance department. This multidisciplinary program includes presentations ranging from dance, spoken word, and musical performances to film, visual art exhibitions, arts ethnography, and community engagement. These culminating projects provide WAC and Dance students with the opportunity to engage in exploratory processes of art making and intellectual inquiry, and to traverse the boundaries between individual creative expression, cross-cultural understanding, and social activism.


Sarah Jacobs Fugit Tempus

sm Fugit Tempus Sarah Jacobs Photo2 copy 4

The WACD Upstarts Series presents choreographer Sarah Jacobs’ “Fugit Tempus”.  In an entirely cardboard world, seven women and one skeleton construct and deconstruct the body and built environment, dancing across disciplines of urban planning, Los Angeles history, anatomy and visual art. Venue: Glorya Kaufman Hall, Amber Studio Theater (Room 208)
Cost: $15 general admission/$8 student Date: May 5 & 6 @ 8pm

These L.A. Dancers are changing the way people protest.


The Los Angeles Times features three WACD students: Shamelle Bell, Bernard Brown, & Jade Robertson in an article about Street Dance Activism. Click here to read the story. 

Made in a Marble Palace


Made in a Marble Palace is an evening of dance conceived and choreographed by third-year MFA student Darrian O’Reilly. The concert features live jazz piano, classical harp, performances by UCLA undergraduates, alumni, and other Los Angeles professionals. Date: April 28, 2017 Time: 8pm Event Title: MFA3 Upstarts Series: Made in a Marble Palace Venue: Glorya Kaufman Hall, Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater (Room 200)Cost: $15 general admission/$8 student

A Celebration of UCLA Dance


The UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance celebrates UCLA’s history of the academic and performative dance discipline at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 21, in Kaufman Hall.
Featuring performances by UCLA Department of Dance alumni, the dance celebration will honor the legacy of the founders of the dance department: Elsi Dunin, Pia Gilbert, Alma Hawkins, Carol Scothorn, Doris Siegal and Allegra Snyder.


ACDA Baja Region Conference


UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures was represented at the ACDA Baja Region Conference – April 6-9, 2017 – Congratulations to WACD MFA candidate Darrian O’Reilly – her choreographic work, “Veil”, was selected for its Gala Concert that featured eleven pieces out of 48 that were adjudicated during this conference.  Her dancers, Natalee Palmer  (WACD senior) and Claudia Mayoss (WACD sophomore dance major) were welcomed enthusiastically in their performances of Darrian’s piece. 


Polly Nooter Roberts ~ The Inner Eye: Vision and Transcendence in African Arts



Listed as one of two notable museum openings this Spring and Summer by the New York Times is “The Inner Eye: Vision and Transcendence in African Arts” curated by World Arts and Cultures/Dance professor Polly Nooter Roberts. Click here to read the full notice.




TOUCH is a showcase of dance performance from two choreographers and MFA candidates, Casey Brown and Bernard Brown. Both choreographers mine their personal histories to search, question, and celebrate. 


Culture Crossing Winter 2017

sm Cheng-Chieh 204-HiRes

Culture Crossing
Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater
Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 06:00pm - 07:30pm ~ FREE
"An exciting end-of-quarter performance where students and faculty show their work, which was generated in courses reflecting the vital creative perspectives from the department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance.” Photo Credit: Issac Oboka.



#we - Four choreographers explore social issues through a movement-based, interdisciplinary performance.

Four choreographers will be presenting their movement-based works in an interdisciplinary program, and addresses social issues relevant to our times – gender, sexual orientation, identity, systemic racial contentions, and discrimination. 
At a time when our president is able to attach fear to diversity it is crucial to present diverse bodies on stage as a way to speak out together and stand in support of each other. Please support this unique and valuable event.


Inflatable Trio @ Skirball


Lionel Popkin's "Inflatable Trio" February 23, 24, and 25 Skirball Cultural Center L.A. premiere! Don’t miss esteemed UCLA choreographer-performer Lionel Popkin’s new dance work, presented as part of the inaugural Performance Lab at the Skirball. Inflatable Trio examines the tensions and contradictions of domestic life—all performed in and around a bright yellow inflatable living room set.


Split Britches


In collaboration with WACD, The Skirball Cultural Center and the departments of Theater and LGBT Studies, theater professor Sylvan Oswald has organized a visit to our campus from queer performance icons Split Britches. 


Wacsmash 2017 Kickstarter Campaign


WACD Community~Below is the link for the 2017 Wacsmash Kickstarter Campaign. Please take a moment to donate if you can. They need to reach their goal by February 5! Wacsmash 2017 is an interdisciplinary showcase choreographed and produced by undergraduate students at UCLA.

Robert Een ~ Fowler


Robert Een of UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures/Dance faculty combines voice and cello to open the ear to new sonic possibilities. World Arts and Cultures/Dance doctoral student Ellen Gerdes and other special guests join Een. Fowler Out Loud: Robert Een Concert / Performance, 6:00 PM -January 25, 2017, Fowler Museum ~ UCLA

Bernard Brown ~ Fowler


Choreographer Bernard Brown presents solo and small ensemble dances connecting past and present. Performed in the exhibition Nkame, Brown and dancers explore how movement, space, and intention can translate to freedom for the black body, mind, and spirit. Fowler Out Loud: Bernard Brown Concert / Performance, 6:00 PM - January 18, 2017, Fowler Museum ~ UCLA


UCLA's arts and architecture community describes power of art in new film


What role do the arts play in society?

“The arts can guide us by the hand into the most complex worlds of thought about how we exist in the world,” says art historian Polly Nooter Roberts, a UCLA professor of world arts and cultures/dance, in “An Imaginative Offer,” a new film celebrating the arts. See the film here.

Fiat Lux


Watch a short film from UCLA Undergraduate Education Initiatives featuring Dr. David Delgado Shorter from WACD. Click here to see the film. 

UCLA Fiat Lux Seminar: World Arts and Cultures (WL ARTS) 19 - Meditation for College Students
This one hour seminar introduces UCLA students to techniques for meditation. New and experienced students have opportunity to deepen their meditation practice and use those techniques to navigate both personal and academic environments.

Slamming Hunger

smslamming hunger1

The UCLA Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance presents "Slamming Hunger” a storytelling performance. Students from Dan Froot’s “Slamming Hunger” course tell personal stories about hunger and food-insecuritiy on campus and beyond. We use oral history methodology to unearth our own relationships to food insecurity. We then learn the art of storytelling, using our personal narratives to explore the complexities of hunger, the invisible ways in which it is woven into our lives, and to help decrease the stigma of not being able to afford enough food. We have all been surprised at what we’ve found. You will be, too. See the trailer here.


Hidden in Plain Bite: The Surprising Impact of Our Food Choices


Hidden in Plain Bite: The Surprising Impact of Our Food Choices Talk by Nora Kramer, Factory Farm Awareness Coalition Hosted by UCLA Food & Social Justice Working Group Tuesday, October 25 2:00pm Kaufman 208 FREE


Yes to Bodies 2016


Yes To Bodies 
Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater #200 ~ 10/28/16 @7PM ~ Features work choreographed and performed by WAC/D students as they thoughtfully investigate the relationships between body and mind, dancer and viewer, and art and life as inspired by Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto. FREE

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