Laurel Jenkins Tentindo’s Dance Theater Works

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Highways is located at 1651 18th Street, @ 18th Street Arts Center (1/2 block north of Olympic Blvd.), Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Los Angeles, California, Laurel Jenkins Tentindo’s Two Dance Theater Works, will be presented by Highways Performance Space, Artistic Director Leo Garcia, on January 30th and 31st at 8:30 pm. The show will feature Los Angeles dancers Alexx Shilling, Madison Page, Barry Brannum, Samantha Mohr, and Devika Wickremesinghe, live glass and electronic music by Miguel Frasconi, costumes byMaria Garcia and lighting by Carol McDowell.

As a choreographer and director, Laurel creates interdisciplinary dance-theater works to awaken the imagination. Her work centers on the multiple languages of the body. By disrupting categorizations of concert dance and theater, she aims to open up a kinesthetic space for movement imagery to become valid text. By playing between narration and abstraction, she invites theatrical elements to speak to each other in compelling ways. In IMAGE ACTION TEXT, physical edges of the performers extend via an interplay between elaborate headdresses and shadows cast by mobile lights. In this piece, she asks if a dancer can morph from a human to a sculpture. Audiences experience the provocative nature of disorientation and risk as performers shift unconventionally between genres. The audience’s kinesthetic sense of the work deepens with Miguel Frasconi’s sonic field, created by an instrumentarium of glass objects. This program will feature the world premier of a new solo in which Tentindo captures archetypal imagery from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In researching perception, her interest in creating dance theater works is in the movement from certainty to curiosity.


photo by Taso Papadakis

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