Judy Mitoma Aratani

"My commitment to our city remains unchanged. My love of it’s diversity is greater than ever. It is my situation that has changed. In 2011, I retired after 37 years as a faculty member at UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance. We closed the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance and our powerful and amazing staff went on to other things.I also knew that my work was not finished. Those of you who know me also know there are mountains I am still willing and able to move...The goal of the Aratani World Series is not simply to program Indian theater for Indians, Brazilian dance for Brazilians, rather, like the World Festival of Sacred Music, our mission is to encourage the public to reach out, be more curious and eager for exposure to the artistic and imaginative world of others." -- Judy Mitoma.


photo: Judy Mitoma with Aratani World Series artist from Angola- Waldemar Bastos

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