Contra Tiempo Agua Furiosa

“Agua Furiosa” merges call and response, a live vocalist, water themes, fierce physicality and the performers’ own personal multicultural narratives. Audiences will walk away from Agua Furiosa impacted and inspired to locate themselves inside the complex and transforming conversation of race in America. Creative collaborators include sound designer d. sabela grimes, vocalist Pyeng Threadgill, lighting designer Masha Tsimring, dramaturg Michael Garcés and costume designer Rosalida Medina.

CONTRA-TIEMPO is a bold, multilingual Los Angeles-based dance company, dedicated to transforming the world through dance while building community, facilitating dialogue and moving audiences to imagine what is possible. Their work is rooted in Salsa and Afro-Cuban movement and draws from hip-hop, urban dance and contemporary dance theater. The dancers create an invigorating blend of physically intense and socially astute performance that pushes the boundaries of Latin dance as an expressive cultural and contemporary form.

Presented in collaboration with UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance.

Thu, Jan 14 at 8PM
Fri, Jan 15 at 8PM
Sat, Jan 16 at 8PM
Sun, Jan 17 at 4PM
Thu, Jan 21 at 8PM
Fri, Jan 22 at 8PM
Sat, Jan 23 at 8PM
Sun, Jan 24 at 4PM
Glorya Kaufman Theater

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