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Does the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance offer any scholarships to incoming students?

The department offers scholarships of modest amounts to our continuing students. Some scholarships are being offered to new students through the UCLA Alumni Association. The Financial Aid Office works closely with all students who need financial assistance. A financial aid award generally consists of a combination of scholarships and grant money from UCLA and other sources, low-interest loans, and a work-study job during the academic year.

As a transfer student, is there any coursework you recommend that I take?

California community college students are strongly encouraged to complete IGETC requirements. All other transfer students are encouraged to make progress toward completion of the UCLA's School of the Arts and Architecture's general education and university proficiency requirements.

Beyond the IGETC/General Education courses, it is recommended that dance major students take any and all courses offered in the area of choreography, improvisation, and forms of technique offered. World Arts and Cultures students are encouraged to take additional courses offered in their area of interest (i.e. anthropology, art history, folklore, ethnic studies, gender studies, etc.).

What happens at the dance auditions?

Group technique sessions are offered in the morning, followed by individual auditions. The group technique session often includes a section in modern, one in improvisation, and one in a world dance form. It is not expected that you will have had any specific training in any forms presented. The faculty would like to see how applicants take on new movement. You will also be asked to perform a one minute piece of your own choreography in a style most comfortable to you.

I believe that I must prepare a personal statement for your department. What is the theme for the essay? I have already written one for the UC application and I just want to be prepared.

Please do NOT copy and paste your personal statement from the University’s application as our Department will be reviewing your personal statement to the University and your personal statement to the Department within your Supplemental Application. See the Supplemental Worksheet for undergraduate admissions.

Who can take dance classes at UCLA?

All current students are welcome to take dance and movement classes here at WACD!Some popular classes may fill early, so be sure to register as soon as you are able.All students can register for beginning level classes, which are intended for students who are new to dance, or to a particular style of dance (ex: an experienced ballet dancer may wish to take a beginning West African dance class).Intermediate and advanced levels require attendance at the placement class that happens at the first class meeting at the beginning of each quarter. The placement process allows the instructors to ensure that students are enrolled in the class that most suits their needs at the time, and is not a personal judgment or a statement about potential.

If you’re not sure what styles of dance or what levels are right for you, please email the instructor. In the case of a beginning level class you may simply show up to class on the first day of class. Bear in mind, however, that there is no guarantee you will be allowed to enroll in a class if it is full.

WACD undergraduate and graduate students have first priority once classes are full.

What kind of dance performance opportunities exist for current UCLA students?

Current MFA students periodically need dancers for showings related to their degree progress. Sometimes auditions are posted, while other times fellow dance class attendees are approached. Check the department annoucements posted via our social media outlets (FaceBook and Instagram), the department's weekly "E-Blast", and flyers that are posted within the department for audition information.

There is also an annual faculty-choreographed showcase during spring quarter every year. Audition information will be posted in the department.

Who can take the choreography classes at UCLA?

Everyone is welcome to take choreography classes. Be sure to check which level is appropriate for you.

Both the undergraduate series and graduate series are designed to be taken in sequence. Please contact the instructor for assistance in selecting a course if you have significant prior choreographic experience that may warrant bypassing some classes.

Who can take seminars in the WACD Department?

All current students are encouraged to attend classes here in WACD! Our department is highly trans-disciplinary, with no two students studying the exact same thing, and we embrace diversity of academic background and thought. Please be advised that upper level undergraduate courses may require certain pre-requisites, or permission of the instructor. Also, please note that some departments do not permit undergraduates from attending graduate seminars. Arts and Architecture undergraduates may not apply graduate level coursework towards their major requirements.Be sure to check with your advisor before you invest your time. Permission to attend a WACD upper level undergraduate or graduate course is ultimately at the digression of the instructor. Please ask the faculty for advice about whether the course is appropriate for you.


For general information relating to undergraduate admission at UCLA, please click here.

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