WACD Video Library Guidelines

The video lab has access to videotapes dating back to the 1994-1995 academic years. We are in the process of digitizing and uploading our entire archive to our Vimeo page. Please check here first to see if your requested show is already available. These shows can be watched online or downloaded to your computer. 

1. To request a tape, you must email the video lab manager the index numbers of the tapes you wish to view. This information can be found at the video lab's website.

2. Tapes must be reserved 24 hours in advance and it is recommended that you reserve a station or dub bay for viewing. A reservation is not considered valid until the video lab manager emails you back.

3. Tapes can only be viewed while video lab staff is on duty.

4. Tapes cannot be taken out of the lab.

5. Tapes from the current year are housed in the video lab.

6. Please note that the video lab provides these materials for "viewing purposes only"; it is your responsibility to obtain all required release forms from copyright holders before presenting/distributing any/all works.

7. These tapes and this library are for World Arts and Cultures/Dance use only.

For a complete list of the contents of our video library, please click the Library link below.

WACD Video Library

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